Renovation Loan

Many consumers find that there is a need to do some repairs or improvements on a home, and the cost of this exceeds what they prefer to payout of pocket.

In these cases, there are some very good programs available to finance these improvements. There are many types of different scenarios for this, and all kids of possibilities for solutions.

The details are too much to dive into here but suffice it to say these renovations can be included in the home financing and the renovations can be done after the closing of the transaction, as to give ample time for performing the renovations.

Some examples of common renovations are adding a swimming pool, new flooring, upgrading kitchen, new blinds/shutters, adding an outdoor deck, painting, and just about anything you can think of.

There are even solutions for major projects such as new roof, foundation, adding a new room or wing to the home, etc. Please contact a Residential Mortgage Loan Originator if you have any questions.

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