Mortgage Loan Checklist Illustration

Document Checklist for Mortgage Applications

Use this mortgage document checklist to ensure you have everything you need before you begin your mortgage application. Having all the necessary documentation up front saves you time so your loan can close quickly.

documents needed for mortgage underwriting

  • W-2 forms (previous 2 years)
  • Pay stubs (2 most recent)
  • If self-employed-Two years signed tax returns with all schedules & YTD profit & loss
  • Employer name & address ( 2 year history)
  • Bank Accounts(s) Statements (recent 2 months)
  • Statements for 401(k)s, stocks, other investments (most recent)
  • Photo identification (valid Driver’s License or Passport)
  • Letter of explanation (signed & dated) of any large deposits other than normal payroll into accounts.
  • Letter of explanation (signed and dated) of any inquiries on credit report.
  • If selling your current home – Contract for home being sold
  • For eligible Active Military and Veterans- DD214 & Certificate of Eligibility
  • Divorce Decree and Separation Agreement (if applicable).

Additional items are required depending on whether you are applying to purchase a home or to refinance your mortgage.

Documents Needed for a Home Purchase

  • New home Sales Agreement, specifications, plans, and/or legal description
  • Copy of Earnest Money Check
  • First time home buyers– Landlord name & address for previous 2 years

Documents Needed for a Mortgage Refinance

  • Copy of current deed
  • Most recent State property tax bill or receipt
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Insurance Declaration Page
  • Survey (if applicable)

If you have any questions or issues please feel free to reach out we have professionals standing by to assist you.